Venkys Mass Gainer - 1 Kg (Chocolate)

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the egg powder division of venkateshwara hatcheries pvt. Ltd., under whose umbrella venky's sports nutrition division falls, operates the world's best state of art egg processing plant in india. The machinery has been installed and commissioned by food engineering service of the united states, the world leaders in egg processing technology. This plant is specifically set up to export egg white powder to the international market. The plant has the capacity to process 1 million eggs per day. The eggs used in preparation of egg white powder are specific pathogen free (spf) eggs which are free from disease causing micro organisms. Benefits exclusively designed for ectomorphs who are underweight offers ideal carbohydrate to protein ratio of 3:1 for rapid weight gain 100% vegetarian formula containing milk protein fortified with micronutrients to enhance the nutrient absorption suitable for all age groups method take 200ml of cold milk or water mixed with milk powder (appx. 15g) in a shaker. Add 1 scoop (30g) of venky's mass gainer to it. Shake briskly to form a delicious drink and consume immediately. Usage tips consume immediately after preparation store in a cool, hygienic and dry place details of proteins role of proteins protiens are the only nutrients which are source of nitrogen in our diet. The food which contains all 9 essential amino acids in their compositions are called complete protiens and they pose fewer burdens on the kidneys by producing less urea. They are also referred as first class protiens function building lean muscle mass developing immunity major components of enzymes and hormones dna and rna are protiens(amino acids) which carries genetic information to next generation used as energy daily protein requirements the protein needed each day varies according to an individual calculating protein requirement for a70 kg person with a sedentary lifestyle rda for protein = 0.

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